About Lucinda Sykes M.D.

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Hello! I'm Lucinda Sykes -- a medical doctor & mindfulness teacher based in Toronto, Canada. I've taught medical programs of mindfulness since 1997. My background is in the analytical psychology of C.G. Jung.

In Toronto, I'm the director of Meditation for Health -- a private, community-based clinic that teaches medical programs of MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction). More than 6000 patients have attended  our Meditation for Health programs. [visit Meditation for Health

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What is JOYFUL AFTER 50?

JOYFUL AFTER 50 is our clinic's outreach to women in the second half of life -- especially women interested to regain their natural happiness and peace of mind.

These days, women often tell me they're feeling anxious, uncertain. "My mind starts thinking, worrying." "It's hard to just relax."   

They feel preoccupied or distracted -- busy with concerns they can't change, problems they can't solve. Often they're absorbed in negative thinking that takes them nowhere, resenting, regretting, blaming themselves, reliving stories of the past, worrying fruitlessly about the future. Often preoccupied with one or two themes, over and over again.

Such a busy, distracted mind is not helpful -- it's gets very tiring.

Frequently these thoughts are self-critical -- preoccupied with diet, self-correction, self-improvement. Many women feel chronically dissatisfied with themselves as they are. 

Often they tell me it's hard to calm down at the end of the day, difficult to fall asleep. They may awaken with anxious thoughts,  unable to sleep peacefully through the night.

And this can affect family life too. Even when they're feeling anxious or uncertain, they can get impatient, irritable, or fault-finding with family members and others they care about. 

Sometimes, the problem is complicated by a compulsion or addiction -- or they're dependent on medications that mask the problem but cause emotional 'numbing', or the risk of long-term side-effects.

Anxiety often worsens during transition -- a woman has faced inevitable change, or she's been shocked by disappointment, betrayal, loss. She's in the transition of recovery. She has to 'start over', adapt, grow -- flower again.

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The JOYFUL AFTER 50 Approach

JOYFUL AFTER 50 points to a woman's natural capacity for mindful awareness in the 'Feminine' -- that stable, age-old foundation of woman's psychology -- a quality of grounded awareness that's often overlooked or undervalued in modern life.

By cultivating mindful Feminine awareness, a woman returns home to herself. She grounds again in the natural wisdom that is a woman's birthright.

Sometimes women say that mindful Feminine awareness feels like a 'remembering' -- they reconnect with the basic, open awareness they recall experiencing in childhood. Sometimes this is connected with their childhood happiness in the natural world.

Women can cultivate this healthy inner side of themselves by following simple methods of mindful awareness and Feminine insight, as developed within Analytical Psychology.

Analytical Psychology (sometimes called 'Jungian' psychology) is the branch of psychology first established by Swiss psychiatrist, C.G. Jung.

Analytical psychology emphasizes the 'Feminine Principle' -- a crucial factor in the psychological well-being of modern woman. [see Feminine Bibliography]

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A woman wants to experience the joy of being alive, the beauty, the pleasure, the wisdom.

She wants to guide herself optimistically, with skill and clear thinking.

She wants to act wisely, staying true to her heart and values.

In this way, she follows the path of Feminine awareness.

"What distinguishes the Jungian approach to developmental psychology from virtually all others is the idea that even in old age we are growing toward realization of our full potential'

-- Anthony Stevens, Jung: A Very Short Introduction

Lucinda Sykes M.D. - Formal Education & Training

  • B.Sc. in biological sciences (with honours), University of Alberta
  • M.D. (with honours), University of Toronto

  • Certificate of Theoretical Knowledge in Analytical Psychology, CG Jung Institute, Zurich, Switzerland

  • analysis & training with Jungian analyst, Marion Woodman (10 years)
  • analysis & supervision with Jungian analysts, Fraser Boa and Daryl Sharp (5 years)
  • 20 educational & residential training events with Jon Kabat-Zinn, Saki Santorelli, & colleagues at The Center for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts (1996-2016)