9. Self-Enquiry Questions for Sleeping Pill Users

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Self-Enquiry Questions for Sleeping Pill Users

Here's standard questions intended to help people recognize problems of medication dependency and withdrawal. 

SUGGESTION: If you’re concerned about your sleeping pill prescription, discuss this with your prescribing doctor.  Maybe consider these questions:


 >  your sleeping pill prescription is extending beyond 3 weeks

>  you take a sleeping pill for most of the times when you want to sleep

>  when the medication feels less effective, you increase the dose

>  you’ve tried to quit, but you’ve found you can’t

>  you feel ‘craving’ for the medication

>  you recognize negative consequences from the medication but you continue to take it

>  you’re getting new prescriptions and refills from more than one provider

>  you notice memory loss

>  you’ve had falls and other accidents

>  you’re combining the drug with alcohol or other psychoactive drugs



Research shows that freedom from sleeping pills is entirely possible, even after many years of dependence. 

See that optimistic message at: 



To your natural happiness!