New study of anxiety & mindfulness

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Greetings Ladies!

Do you take psychiatric medications? 

Modern psychiatry is reevaluating its use of psychiatric medication — especially medications used for problems of mood & emotion.

New studies are raising a big question: Has medicine been over-prescribing psychiatric medications?

Patients often take such medications for years, and side-effects are common and sometimes long-lasting.

Studies show that non-pharmaceutical approaches can sometimes be just as effective as drugs — but with …

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How to help your brain the mindful way!


Anxiety is a problem for the mind, but did you know that ongoing anxiety and worry are hard on your brain too? 

That’s what research shows. People who have habits of anxiety and worry tend to lose mental clarity over time. Scientists even link chronic anxiety to an increased risk of dementia!

But, here’s the good news: older people who participate in 8-week mindfulness programs tend to worry less and have clearer minds. Their anxiety decreases. And these improvements tend to continue even 6 mo…

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How can I help my anxiety? - (5 research studies)


These days, I’ve been hearing about anxiety more than ever. Maybe it’s the effect of COVID’s fear and isolation - so many of us are hurting. 

After my last post about anxiety, several women replied, asking for practical information. They ask, “What can help my anxiety?” 

One woman says she’s having a hard time sleeping. “My mind just keeps on thinking. I can't ever really relax.”

Another asks “What about when anxiety spirals and you go to hyper vigilance?”

Do you hear the distress in these m…

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What about anxiety? It's important!

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Do you feel anxious? If so, you’re not alone.

Anxiety is the most common psychological problem in modern life. Psychiatry tells us that nearly a third of adults experience anxiety disorders at some point in their lives. 

Anxiety is usually understood to be that ‘nervous’, fearful awareness that you have when you’re stressed — especially if you’re worrying or feeling apprehensive about the future. You feel anxious.

You might also experience anxiety whenever you’re very focused or intensely a…

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